eCommerce Director

£80-£100,000 + Benefits

An outstanding opportunity to lead the high-growth eCommerce operations of one of the country’s leading retailers as they seek to dramatically increase their already high-growth online proposition to dominate online sales as they do their ‘Bricks & Mortar’ market.

Already a very well established, Top-3 niche retailer that has enjoyed years of great success on a national scale. A treble-digit network of stores (and treble digit turnover) and a multi-brand offering has seen them revolutionise their sector in both product offering and value for money.

Since embracing eCommerce, their success and growth has accelerated. This has led to the requirement to recruit both a newly created role as eCommerce Director. The appointee will be tasked with managing, and crucially, driving the overall commercial performance of all brand websites, maximising the effectiveness and impact of their class leading capability.

The appointment will be one of the highest profile hires in the business. Taking a seat on the Board and reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the scope of the role is virtually limitless; entrepreneurial spirit and hunger is as desired as it is fostered. The appointee will be tasked with developing market leading eCommerce propositions including website design, functionality, effectiveness and delivering the highest levels of service, all whilst operating in the most commercial and strategically ambitious manner possible.
Key accountabilities will include:

  • Commercial performance of all online functions
  • Lead and inspiring a team of specialists
  • Increasing the impact, usability, functionality, conversion and overall appeal of all websites
  • Developing and optimising new and existing eCommerce platforms
  • Designing new innovative eCommerce solutions
  • Find and retain technology partners to drive growth of key business metrics
  • Aspire and deliver to the highest levels of customer service.

The appointee will have full P&L responsibility for the eCommerce businesses/functions and be responsible for achievement of both sales, expenditure and investment targets, but this is no ivory tower role. Creative ‘dirty hands’ are a pre-requisite.

You will be the driving force behind the function in every possible way; your creative hunger and desire to constantly improve the eCommerce offering will keep you highly involved.

The successful candidate will have a strong retail/B2C eCommerce background, as well as a strong commercial, business and most likely, marketing or trading background. You will be able to lead and report on the operational performance of the eCommerce offering(s) as well as the metrics of conversion, usability price setting and over trading.

Cultural fit will be essential. This is a fast paced, highly energetic entrepreneurial environment where no two days are the same and ideas fill the air, constantly. The appointees will be self-motivated, but will also be motivating to all around them, but you will be able to perform the role of calming influence, demonstrating methodical solution finding as well as strategic thinker.

You will have a constant desire to make every idea, process and function better, more efficient and more effective both at a strategic level, but also delving into the minutia, especially with the websites. You will crave the ability to constantly develop all aspects of the eCommerce offering, seeking to add extra percentages to conversion rates, average spend, repeat purchases and all commercial metrics.

You will have the hunger to be one of the best eCommerce professionals in the market – this business will give the platform, the tools and the opportunity to make it happen.

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