Sales Managing Director

Household Brand
£160,000 + Executive Package & Excellent Prospects

This is an outstanding opportunity to join one of the country’s most recognizable brands, sitting unequivocally at the head of their sector. Private-Equity backed, and long established as the market leader, their consumer and wholesale propositions dictate the sector, and despite a plethora of new market disrupters, the business continues to be uniquely profitable in this significant market. Benefitting from a product mix that has an unparalleled leadership position in UK (& global) households, they have unique commercial opportunities for growth.

Following a recent re-organisation there is now a need to recruit a Sales Managing Director, a highly commercial Sales & Marketing leader to take full responsibility for:

  • All customer relationships across retail and wholesale channels, plus the development of third-party retail sales
  • All Wholesale/FMCG channels across all category products, including customer web sites and white label shop development; plus third party products made under license
  • Working closely with President Retail & International on retail licensees and digital platforms with distributors

Reporting to the Executive Chairman and working alongside the CFO and President of Retail & International, the Sales Managing Director will play a very active part of the 4-person Executive Leadership Team and be instrumental to the business development, growth, maximization of future opportunities and overall commercial success of the business.

This is a strategic, commercial leadership role. The business is fast-paced, high-profile and with an unparalleled marketing position, but as with all businesses, they face continual pressure from aggressive new entrants to their market place as well as the challenge of high levels of market saturation, leaving higher than average reliance on consumer replacement/wear & obsoletion/upgrade led purchasing. With a fast-developing online presence, high-profile DTC and a successful international wholesale business, the number of channels the business sits within is significant. The Sales Managing Director will be the leader of all of these channels, and the pace of their individual development. Responding to that pace anddriving it, is a critical function of the role.

With such an emotive product-centric business, the customer truly is King. The collegiate structure of the Sales and Marketing function sits as a backbone through the organisation, understanding the customer, their behaviours, their interests and the entire customer journey, across all channels. The best commercial leaders understand the need for multi-directional information, understanding the market, the customer’s purchase habits and predicting future customer habits, trends and opportunities….even those that tomorrow’s customer doesn’t know themselves yet.

The best leaders recognize that by truly understanding the consumer, they can provide the solutions to the customer problems, and satisfy consumer aspirations. This leaves the customer buying from, rather than being sold to. Delivering this strategy is the kingpin of this role.

The Sales Managing Director will be a master at spinning plates. They will be adept at understanding the multiple channels and subsequent challenges before designing and delivering solutions. A reactive ability will complement their commercial pro-activity as they respond to opportunities in any one of a number of key operation and commercial areas/channels.

They will provide dynamic leadership to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of all commercial assets, inform and assist the development of the increasing eCommerce & DTC strategies, as well as provide hands-on support and technical know-how for the day-to-day running of the business.

But of equal importance will be the Sales Managing Director ability to be a centre of communication across the business. Designing the commercial sales & marketing strategies for all channels (and ensuring Omni-channel collaboration) and effectively communicating it, and ensuring the delivery, across all departments.

Whilst Strategic Leadership and Team Development are the most critical aspects of this role, the flat structure within the business means this is also an engaged and hands-on role. The most successful candidate will view this as a dual role, performing the duties of both ‘Director/Leader’ and ‘deliverer’.

Key Responsibilities

The priorities of this role include:

  • Develop the sales and marketing strategy for the business, identifying business needs, market potential and innovative strategies for long terms success for target sectors/target customers in line with company objectives.
  • Measure the achievement of the strategy and the business plan with regular reviews.
  • Deliver the results in accordance with the strategy and agreed plans identifying areas for profitable growth. To assume responsibility for performance, conduct and motivation.
  • To understand the market environment, to lead the sales function effectively, providing clear direction, motivation and enthusiasm to ensure all work towards common goals.
  • To lead and develop the sales team, ensuring maximum productivity, effectiveness and customer facing skills to ensure a high-performance culture of business excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Manage the sales team on a continual basis to assess company performance against KPI’s for revenue, margin, order size and conversion.Ensure an effective sales pipeline and lead tracking process.
  • Manage the implementation of the Marketing strategy – including campaigns, events, digital marketing, website and PR, social media presence and direct programs to improve broader market reputation and recognition.
  • Undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment to fully understand competitor positions and strategy to develop market share.
  • Ensuring the CRM is effective and provides a competitive advantage.

The person is everything. The brightest stars in this business are all about having the right attitude.

The appointee will have a proven, highly commercial and full spectrum, broad commercial, sales, account management and marketing background within a branded manufacturing environment.He/she will possess excellent interpersonal skills, be hands-on when needed, possess strong analytical abilities, and be a robust decision-maker and a ‘finisher’. The role involves providing strategic and tactical commercial advice and revenue generating solutions to the entire business.

Experience of managing and developing teams of sales professionals is essential, as is a proven track record of driving profitable growth across numerous channels.

The successful candidate will have strong stakeholder influencing skills and be able to put across his or her view clearly, often articulating the benefit of commercial initiative and activity in clear business terms and have the confidence to constructively challenge (and be challenged by) senior stakeholders.

In addition he/she will have strong creativity and be capable of committing to, and delivering to, tight deadlines to keep up with a fast-paced market environment.

The appointee will exude enthusiasm and demonstrate an outstanding work ethic – this is a culture where hard work and success is expected, celebrated and rewarded.

The appointee will have gravitas. It will be immediately obvious to all around them, internal and external, why they have been selected and appointed. Their appointment will be met by a sea of nodding heads. They will command and yet earn respect. They will be the centre of ideation within the business and will foster others to be the same. They will inspire not only their department, but everyone within the business. They will be motivating as well as motivated.

Alongside their astute leadership capabilities, they will be an ‘action’ style leader. Their attention to detail will be second to none, and will be contagious. They will never see themselves as ‘too big’ for any task within the department, and will gain huge satisfaction from developing the wider team in every regard, form and function.

The successful candidate will most likely have come from a branded manufacturing environment, with genuine exposure to multiple sales channels. They will blend traditional sales & marketing skills with true operational and strategic commercial initiatives, complimented by digital strategies, CRM maximization, account management, and promotional innovation.

Above all else, they will be excited by the opportunity of taking a broad commercially focused executive role, joining the senior leadership team and leading the commercial, sales and marketing strategies for one of the highest profile household manufacturers in the UK.

Person specification

  • Motivated to be part of the energy of an activist PE company
  • Retail and FMCG experience – blue chip experience & training, familiar with commercial category selling
  • Entrepreneurial character and leadership charisma
  • Engagement orientated – work with team with and through others
  • Leadership and man management experience – performance management
  • Public spokesman confident – voice of a sector
  • Digital familiarity – development awareness / enthusiastic – SEO, PPC & social
  • Flexible, agile and driven – with ability to influence directly and indirectly
  • Soft skills – with strong disciplines in performance management – happy to recruit people and build a team
  • Team work orientated – multi-task mind, ability to handle multiple things at once and overcome objections and transform practices
  • Willing to travel, be with customers and stay away/ work at pace as needed
  • A thirst for success and excited to make a difference
  • Good levels of Stamina, pride & personalization in working style and offers to customers
  • Account management – to deliver ‘some thing for every one’ – rather than ‘something for everyone’

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