Senior Operations Manager

Innovative Service Group
c£90-100,000 plus bonus & package.

This is an outstanding opportunity to join and become an instrumental part of the future one of the country’s most innovative business and consumer services groups.

For 2 decades, they have led their unique market place, delivering an unparalleled and invaluable service whilst working with their corporate clients on a path of continuous improvement. 

Differentiating themselves by remaining totally independent and providing bespoke solutions through numerous highly qualified and focused teams to provide swift solutions and resolutions, whilst creating maximum value for their client & consumer basesunderpinned by highly principled humility and passion for what they do.

Replicating that human-focus internally, they have an upbeat, friendly, innovative, and fast-paced environment with, crucially, market-leading opportunity for advancement. Their key driver is to continue the development of that culture and environment for the personal and professional benefit of all employees. They have built an amazing working environment, benefitting from a £2m investment in 2022, and in doing so have created a truly class-leading culture that fuels employee satisfaction and development; an energised and innovative culture, which every employee works diligently to foster and continually improve. 

This is an opportunistic growth company that seeks to deliver long-term prosperity to all employees. Career opportunities are as unlimited as any employees’ aspirations and hunger.

Their innovative service has won them huge recognition and an enviable client list within highly regulated environments as well as huge respect amongst the consumer base but all with an underlying reputation for objectivity.  Two decades of achievements and award wins set this ground-breaking business apart from their competitors, and with continued demand for their services and increased capability in their product and service portfolio, their future is as impressive as their history.

A critical element to continuing and increasing that growth and success has been a group-wide restructuring in response to dramatic growth which has seen the creation of a number of defined business units, and as part of that new structure led to the need to recruit a highly commercial Senior Operations Manager.

The role is an inspirational senior leader, bringing class-leading operational and customer engagement qualities along with a truly ‘people-centric’ attitude to secure a bright and profitable future for this already market leading business.

Acting as ‘No.2’ in the group largest division, the appointee will take a key role in this people-centric business, responsible for leading and shaping the operations functions and their performance as well as designing, refining and delivering the operational strategy and overall plan through their teams, supported by and work closely with a highly capable SLT & Managing Director. 

They will be responsible for and take an active part in all operational functions and performance metrics as would be expected for a business of this nature, as well is taking responsibility for internal and external communication, liaison and problem solving through the highly trained operation team, numbering over 300 people.  

B2C Customer relationships will be at the centre of this role. Strong, well developed rigorous processes and procedures exist to ensure optimum customer contact, communication and service, but these processes are without question ripe for (continued) development an evolution, especially as the business continues to develop and grow.

The Senior Operations Manager will ultimately take significant responsibility for the performance of the business, it’s processes and all communication internally and externally. This is a key appointment.

Working with other members of the leadership team, the appointees will train, coach and develop staff to raise capability, creativity, performance and confidence across the team, and the business. 

….but this is a strategic leadership role, not just operational management. This is a truly, very fast-paced, customer focused business. Responding to that pace and focus and driving it, is a critical function of the role. The appointee swill provide dynamic leadership to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of all processes, refining and re-designing where necessary. 

The operational teams are far from broken, they are performing well, but there is equally little doubt that increased communication, clarification and a coherent strategy is expected to have a positive effect on results at all levels. Being an inspirational leader of operational team(s) will be of paramount importance…commercial input and the ability to deliver to clear performance metrics will be essential, as will the role of true Leader. You will enable delivery through your people; The successful appointee wouldn’t have it any other way though!

Helping with the designing and communication of the operational and commercial vision for the group, with internal and external support, will be the key to exceeding expectations in this innovative business. Operational and efficiency performance already form a strong foundation for the business, continued and improved customer relationships and delivery will enable maximum commercial and financial benefit to be gained from all group functions.

Key Objectives

  • To lead, motivate and inspire the Operations Teams and their performance. 
  • To take full responsibility for the quality of all operational and BAU output, from planning, delivery, and day-to-day performance, to tactics and onward evaluation and evolution.
  • To refine and communicate the operational and customer relationship strategy, and ensure its delivery, optimum performance and results.
  • Ensure the business can compete on cost, product range, and service quality with any vertical or horizontal competitors, new or existing.
  • Design, develop and direct the customer strategy that will enable the company to maximise its full potential for long-term growth and profitability.
  • Take a leading hands-on role in key client relationships of all levels.
  • To lead and support your management team to maximise the overall performance of their teams and the cohesion and communication between them
  • To ensure the operational teams operate efficiently and cost-effectively, delivering high quality services to all clients
  • To continuously develop the systems, processes and people to manage sustained and heightened performance and growth
  • Steer the business, the people and the overall service provision through a period of significant opportunistic change and transformation.
  • Provide inspirational leadership and champion the values that the company lives by.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Managing a team of over 200 (through limited direct reports), to ensure that their ‘business as usual’ services are delivered on time and to the highest quality 
  • Ensure all client and customer obligations are satisfied – even when those client and customer expectations are unrealistic and thus non-deliverable in full
  • Using automation and developing technologies to productivity is continually improving without jeopardising the human touch and service delivery.
  • Managing resources, planning, recruiting and training as business needs require
  • Working with the commercial teams to integrate new clients into the operation 
  • Working with the System Development team to improve current product offering 

Key Personal Focus

  • You will create opportunities to drive change.
  • You will demonstrate innovative & creative approaches to problem solving at a strategic & Board level.
  • You will have the flair to flex your leadership style to fit the dynamic change & growth initiatives.
  • You model a flexible & responsive approach to change
  • You will shape, develop & empower a high performing team to help them be the best they can be, through development and growth.
  • You will always communicate with passion and enthusiasm both to your team and the business.
  • You possess a strong track record with managing senior stakeholder relationships with proven credibility and customer focus.
  • You will drive efficiency & process improvement, enhance productivity to realise strategic goals.
  • You will leverage data & tech insight to drive decision making.
  • You can demonstrate holistic approach when managing risk
  • You translate big picture concepts into robust delivery bringing your people with you every step of the way!

Candidate profile and chemistry fit is critical for this pivotal role. Working within a fast-paced, innovative, entrepreneurial environment, attitude is as important as experience. The person is everything. The Senior Operations Managers will be instrumental in setting the tone, energy and culture for the business.….and in turn design its success. The gravity of success is all about having the right attitude, underpinned with demonstrable experience.

Suitable candidates will already be high achieving, experienced Operations Leaders/Directors with a track record of success AND success in managing dramatic growth with a key focus on people. They will possess a strong ethos in supreme service delivery and a background in creating and managing a culture of success. They will have demonstrable Operational Leadership exposure behind them, but will possess a highly commercial, service delivery and business performance focus, aligned to demonstrable leadership and operational capability.

Leadership Qualifications

The appointee should be people, results and delivery oriented; hands-on and possess the ability to create a sense of mission and attentiveness to current and future requirements and challenges.

Specifics include:

  • Minimum of 5 years leadership experience in a senior customer focused / operational delivery role
  • Demonstrable people focused approach to your leadership
  • Intellectual Firepower 
  • A strong commercial market orientation with commitment to commercial delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Highly commercial mind-set, comfort with ambiguity and love of change and opportunity. Strong ability to manage risk and balance opportunity
  • Strong communication, listening and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to effectively lead, motivate and inspire teams
  • Proven track record of leading transformation and delivery
  • Understand the complexities of such an organisation & its customers

Personal Qualifications

  • Inspirational, authentic leader who embraces technology and broader change to deliver customer focused, value for money, efficient, innovative working practices.
  • Clear, open, honest and direct leadership style with a proven ability to maximise the potential from organisations and people.
  • Evidence of transforming operations (across all aspects: cost/efficiency/service/culture).
  • Track record of commercial success in leading a high volume, large team.
  • A strategic thinker who is able to translate ideas into successful operational delivery.
  • Ability to take a broader, longer-term perspective, providing innovative solutions and a results focused approach.
  • Excellent communication skills and strong interpersonal and leadership skills to lead and direct the business’s diversification, development and commercial activities to meet growth aspirations.
  • Presentation, communication, persuasive and report writing skills at a high level.  
  • Able to deal with a number of high profile and challenging projects concurrently.  This includes the ability to absorb, validate and make judgments and decisions based upon complex information, within highly sensitive political and diverse organisational environments.
  • Delivering the highest standards of integrity and sound judgment underpinned by an intellectual capacity and high emotional intelligence.
  • A sense of humour and a love of fun.

The appointee will constantly strive for excellence and demonstrate personal drive and resilience, with a mature and experienced approach to both growth, and set-backs. They will be obviously self-motivated & able to work on own initiative whilst putting team and company needs before own and possess the ability to think flexibly and laterally.

They will be a model team player, as both leader and member, working with, and where necessary, challenging the other directors for the common good and future performance of the group. Crucially, they will have flexibility and a capacity to adapt to the changing demands of the job.

The successful candidate will have significant entrepreneurial ability and desire, and be hugely excited by a very high paced environment, thick with USPs – their operational leadership strength will be underpinned by a real “Just Do It” attitude and a sense of humour.

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