The Team

Much more than a support team….

Lisa: Research Director & Research Team Leader
A career which started with Schroders undertaking corporate and executive research, Lisa moved into executive search with the executive arm of Adecco and more latterly undertaken a global remit. A relentless ability to quickly build longlists of qualified individuals enables us to gain a significant head-start on all processes from day one. Lisa heads up our team of researchers, leading by example. Email Lisa

David: Executive Research Partner
15 years executive research, and a track record of delivering on the most abstract assignments as well as delivering supreme quality to more conventional mandates. David’s track record on retained mandates is second to none and remains the back-bone of our more diverse search capabilities. Email David

Dave: Client Behavioural Consultant
Larger than life and one of the North’s leading Behavioural Profiling Consultants. His tools and coaching, can be used as part of a recruitment/search process or just to assess and support individuals is invaluable. Dave is also able to visit client premises and lead behavioural workshops (white collar and blue collar) with dramatic, positive, impact on organisations of all sizes. Email Dave

More about our Behavioural Profiling & Coaching HERE


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