Gary has always delivered great results even in difficult search scenario’s. He has great contacts around the industry and shows a real interest in the project with robust straight talking approach which enable all parties to get to the point quickly.
Steve Hazell, Global CMO & Partner, Positive Momentum

I have worked with Gary for many years and have been impressed at how quickly he understands the role that we were looking to fulfil along with providing good advice as to the best approach to fulfil the role. He has used research to maximise the quality of the candidates put forward and I would recommend him as an excellent recruiter of talented individuals. 

I have also worked with Gary as a candidate looking for a new role and I have found Gary to be very supportive and pro-active where he can be.
Peter Keeling, CFO, Kingspan Plc

I have always found Gary to be honest and direct which ensures that the best outcome is achieved for all concerned. He is highly committed and works tenaciously to understand the needs of both the candidate as well as the client to ensure an excellent long term fit. Gary is extremely personable and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.
Harvinder Azad, Group Finance Director, Gelert

I have involved Gary in a number of projects and found his work to be of the highest standard and his contribution invaluable. 
I will certainly wish to involve Gary next time a requirement comes up.
Robert Burton, Chief Operating Officer at Realty Group

Gary is one of the best and most straight talking headhunters in the country. His network of contacts and ability to find the impossible never fails to astound me and his tenacity and hard work is nothing short of outstanding.
Stuart Hall,
CFO, Pace Plc

An outstanding recruiter, exceptionally hard-working, relentlessly diligent and all with a first rate attitude. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary.
Andrew Cannon, Managing Director, BUPA

Having tasked Gary with an impossible task to recruit a Managing Director for our unique business, he exceeded our expectations, not only in the number of candidates he found, but also in the professionalism and diligence he displayed throughout the process.
Mark Hogg, CEO & Founder, IFE Services

Gary’s style is unique, he is ruthlessly effective and one of the hardest working individuals in his sector. He is all about chemistry and emotion in recruitment. He is sometimes derided by those in his sector, but never by candidate nor client who have used his service. His direct style and infectious enthusiasm is a huge asset to any organisation and any recruitment process.
Andrea Brown, CEO, T1 Telecom

I first used Gary as a candidate over 10 years ago when he successfully placed me in a role which resulted in a career changing opportunity. I have continued to use him to locate all nature of roles with huge success. His approach is effective, diligence and his tenacity beyond reproach.
Simon Palmer, CEO, Tobar

Gary is an extremely driven and hardworking individual working vigorously for both Client and Candidate alike. An excellent communicator Gary has seemingly boundless amounts of energy taking on all manner of challenges and always making sure he understands his customer’s requirements and needs. Never shy to share is experiences and thoughts, his energy and enthusiasm for what he does is infectious. Gary is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing so again in the future.
James Vickery, IT Director, Stella Travel Services

“Gary is one of the best networked head-hunters in the market. He is direct, honest and straight-talking. He’s got a brilliant commercial brain and good fun to do business with. Don’t hesitate to call Gary if you need an experienced top level head-hunter to place you – or find you your next star performer. 100% recommend.”
Peter Davies, Director, RMS

“I have known Gary for fifteen years. Gary has to be one of the best networked recruiters in the North West. From a candidates perspective, I have found Gary to be a good investment of my time. Gary has placed me twice at different clients. Gary is also very straight forward to deal with,and I have a high level of confidence that he will be operating successfully in the North West over the next fifteen years!” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Chris Carr, Finance Director

“Gary is that rare commodity in his industry, a professional. Intelligent, informed and honest, I would happily recommend any senior manager or entrepreneur to talk to him. You need to know him!”
Stefan Allanson, Head of Treasury & Corporate Services, The Vita Group.

“Gary stands out from the crowd in his chosen profession and is well respected in the North West business community. I have used Gary twice as a candidate in 2000 and 2011. He is passionate about his work, honest, energetic and incisive. Gary has an ability to match candidate with client and quickly understands the needs and aspirations of both parties. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary to those hiring or those looking to be hired.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Richard Davies, Managing Director

“Gary is a first class head-hunter and marketeer, he has an innate instinct for matching client and candidate by getting to know their mindset and not by just reading a CV. This ability has seen some remarkable results and is why he will continue to have great success in this field. I would recommend Gary to any employer needing that key hire in a uncertain economy and likewise if you are seeking your next move as an employee.” Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Dan Handforth, Sales Director

“Gary is one of the few true pro’s I’ve come across in his industry. He is professional, honest, straightforward and energetic. His network of connections, particularly in the North West is second to none and I recommend him wholeheartedly”
Simon Boyd, Director, Strategy Network Ltd

“I’ve known Gary both as a candidate and as a client for about 10 years. He is very easy to talk to; straight forward, engaging and is fun to meet. He exudes energy and is passionate about what he does. He’s well networked and is always bang up to date.”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Charles Downes, Findel Plc

“Gary always provides good and more to the point honest advice. Has a good set of contacts, is very personable and is always thinking of ways forward with issues.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Mike Page, Astra Zeneca

“I have known and worked with Gary for a number of years now. I think he is currently at Stark Brooks but that, to be honest, is irrelevant, it is Gary the individual that you are dealing with; someone who, in an industry with, let’s face it, not the most savoury of reputations, is a thoroughly genuine and honest man. Gary is not a “quick buck merchant” but someone who understands business, understands finance and understands people so that both client and candidate get the best service and results. Gary fundamentally believes in building for the long term so won’t push client or candidate into something just to make a fee, he wants to (and does!) see both again as satisfied customers. Decency and trustworthiness are sadly scarce commodities but Gary has both in bucketloads.”
Gary Slawther, Group Treasurer, Speedy Hire PLC

“Gary is a focused professional who emphasizes in accuracy and detail. His main skill set lies in not only interacting with people but in problem solving, he thinks outside the box in a very intuitive way which explains why he is so good at managing both sides of the Search and Selection process. He makes sure there is full disclosure in terms of the managing the expectations of both clients and candidates. By using several analytical techniques to identify several solutions and weighing up the value of each, he is able to provide a service tailored to that of the individual. Gary instinctively knows what people want and how to help them achieve it and in such a way that they feel empowered in the process. I would highly recommend him as a Head Hunter to anyone.”
Rachel Murphy, Consultant

“I have found Gary to be an excellent communicator and throughly diligent professional. He stands out in his industry as one of the best examples of a modern Recruiter.”
Kevin Adams, Managing Director, Axium

“Gary is a consummate professional. A man of impeccable integrity and professionalism. The level and quality of service that Gary delivers to both candidate and client are by far the highest I have seen in my professional life. Gary is very personable with an infectious can do attitude to everything in and out of work. I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Gary to provide you with amazing career opportunities or as an employer to give you that leading edge with some fantastic new employees.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Ivan Lavelle, Managing Director

“I used Gary to recruit whilst employed at a US bank. Gary was a consummate professional, committed to delivering candidates who fitted the brief not only in professional terms but who had the right personality. Should I have need to recruit in the future, gary will be one of the first people I contact.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
John Cullen, Citi Group

“Gary is a relentlessly enthusiastic, driven and motivated person with a genuine passion for his work and a commitment to excellence. His resolve and determination to surpass expectations ensures he always sees opportunities where others see challenges.”
Natalie Nuttall, Freelance PR & marketing consultant, Freelancer (self employed)

“Having worked for the same company as Gary some years ago I remember him as being an extremely proficient individual. His drive is formidable and his ability to get out into the market and achieve tangible results is to be admired.”
 Ian Hazeldine FCA, Finance Director, RK Group Ltd

“Gary has superb commercial understanding and knowledge, and really takes time to understand the role. He makes a real effort with candidates to understand them, their strengths/weaknesses and realistic career goals. He has a fantastic network of contacts and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. I would unreservedly recommend Gary for anyone looking for, or looking to fill an executive level role.”
Matt Emblem, Senior Associate, PwC

“I have worked with Gary as a candidate throughout my career. His direct, straightforward, style and vast experience lead me to believe that he is one of the best recruitment practitioners that I have met. Gary, or any organisation that he is associated with, would be at the forefront of my mind as both a client and a candidate.”
Phil Tabb, Director of Asset Management, GE

“Gary took on the assignment to source specific skills to deliver a major change project and delivered 100% against the requirements.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.
Andrew Light, Warburtons

“Gary is a very experience consultant. I have working in finance for many years now and there are not many that can cut it at Gary’s level.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value .
Andy Beaden, Luxfer

“Gary is without doubt one of the most tenacious and competent people I have had the pleasure to work with in recent years. As a professional he is hugely consultative and clearly knows his market. As a manager he is altruism personified, and will always put the needs and development of those in his team above his own, to work toward the common good. Added to that he’s a genuinely nice person, which helps enormously.”
Kate Pexton, Consulte

“Gary is a highly skilled headhunter, with a unrivalled knowledge of the industry and an unquenchable thirst for success. Having had the pleasure of working with Gary for five years, I cannot stress enough how his hard work and dedication to headhunting stands him miles apart from the rest.”
Louise McGrath, Director and Joint Founder, Big Dot Media Limited

“Having seen the tremendous fundraising Gary has done for The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, I can see the drive and determination he has to not only set high goals but he then goes and achieves them, he really is very driven.”
Rob Galkoff, Managing Director, The Business Consultants ltd

“Gary provided top quality service for a number of roles for me, over a number of years. A pleasure to deal with. Ian”
Ian Palmer, Aston Martin Lagonda


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