Systems Implementation Manager

Innovative Service Group
9-12 month contract. 
£1,000/day or £100,000 on FTC

This is an outstanding opportunity to join and become an key part of the future one of the country’s most innovative business and consumer services groups.

Almost 20 years after inception, they continue to lead their unique B2B/B2C/B2R market place, delivering an unparalleled and invaluable service whilst working with their clients on a path of continuous improvement.

Even in the unprecedented times we’ve seen in the last 18months, not only has their business activity continued as normal, they have utilised an already present technological infrastructure to enable every member of staff to work as normal and the business’s security to be ensured.

Differentiating themselves by remaining totally independent and providing bespoke solutions through numerous highly qualified and focussed teams to provide swift solutions and resolutions, whilst creating maximum value for their client & consumer basesunderpinned by highly principled humility and passion for what they do.

Replicating that human-focus internally, they have created an upbeat, friendly, innovative, and fast-paced environment with, crucially, market-leading opportunity for advancement. But they seek to continue the development of that culture and environment for the personal and professional benefit of all employees.

This is an energised and innovative culture, which every employee works diligently to foster and continually improve. They are an opportunistic growth company that seeks to deliver long-term prosperity to all employees. Career opportunities are as unlimited as any employees’ aspirations and hunger.

Their innovative service has won them huge recognition and an enviable client list within highly regulated environments as well as huge respect amongst the consumer base but all with an underlying reputation for objectivity.  Two decades of achievements and award wins set this ground-breaking business apart from their competitors, and with continued demand for their services and increased capability in their product and service portfolio, their future is as impressive as their history.

A key element of that forward-focus is their strategy of continual improvement, led by a number of projects, all of which sit alongside and feed into business’s group-wide transformation project. A crucial role sitting right at the heart of the business is a Systems Implementation Manager to oversee a key systems implementation; a collaborative role requiring a motivated and experienced project leader with a background in IVR & WFM systems as well as broader IT & Comms, combined with operational planning & delivery optimisation along with class-leading delivery of concurrent projects all while ensuring external and internal engagement.

This appointee will take an influential role in the implementation project design and delivery, as well as holding an understanding of the UX/operations team, plus providing commentary and insight to the wider business, and beyond. They will be supported by and work closely with a highly capable Director of Operations, as well as the broader Senior Leadership Team.

You will be expected to set the tone of engagement, working practices, disciplines and routines, to lead by example, share your experience, approach and learnings and to help guide team members when they approach you for advice and support. 

The modern office environment, hot desk policy, canteen and break out areas are conducive to getting to know colleagues across departments, with obvious benefits to company-wide collaboration as well as opportunities to get involved in social, wellbeing, learning and personal (and personnel) development. 

The Systems Implementation Manager performs a strategic leadership role and requires a creative and strategic thinker but one with a delivery mindset. The appointee will be a ‘do-er’, someone who can think of the bigger picture, someone who is not only prepared to roll up their sleeves to get the job done, but will actively enjoy doing so.

The successful candidate will demonstrably be a team player, and influencer and a collaborator with a can-do attitude and the ability to work across all aspects of the business, delivering effective delivery-focused strategies in a fast-paced environment. 


  • Create and manage the delivery of the numerous Workforce Management Systems Installations.
  • Continuous and regular forecasting, estimating and effective management of all aspects of the implementation life-cycle(s).
  • Keeping all projects on track and aligned with wider business objectives. 
  • Leadership of/influence over implementation team members and workstreams, driving delivery to plan. 
  • Work alongside department heads, proactively identifying improvements; driving adoption of new technologies & toolkits, achieving more efficient ways of working.

Key Responsibilities

  • Management and delivery of all implementation projects.
  • Define product specifications for the installation
  • Managing/overseeing all activities to successfully deliver the projects (from scoping to implementation) to agreed parameters 
  • Provide support and clear guidance on all aspects of workforce management to contract management teams
  • Serve as the primary point of contact throughout the entire implementation process
  • Managing delivery activities which include reporting to and engaging with stakeholders and SMT and ensuring they understand and sit ready to adopt the coming changes 
  • Identifying behaviours needed to enable change to enable the preparedness of individual leaders and project managers to lead the change, facilitating and ensuring alignment of objectives across the business
  • Provide technical support to users in use of workforce management systems use to deliver effective workforce management
  • Ensuring that all relevant objectives are adhered to and that all project documentation is current, relevant and correct
  • Partner with Operations Managers / Heads of, to advise and support objectives & initiatives regarding medium-term opportunities, threats and issues
  • Support the continuous improvement and development of systems and methodology
  • Ensure operational performance objectives are being achieved, whilst tactfully challenging underperformance where appropriate  
  • Reinforce the company values and behaviours.

As with all appointments in this highly people-centric business, candidate profile and chemistry fit is critical, but never more so than for this for this collaboration-centred role. Working within a fast-paced, innovative, entrepreneurial environment, attitude is as important as experience. The person is everything. The Systems Implementation Project Manager will be a central role in driving change and will therefore have a hand on the tiller. The gravity of success is all about having the right attitude, underpinned with demonstrable experience.

Suitable candidates will already be high achieving system implementation/project specialists. They will likely have held a number of project management/leadership roles, as well having close exposure to the planning function of complex organisations. They will already possess a track record of personal success. 

The appointee will possess a strong ethos in delivery through engagement, collaboration, strategic planning, an innovative approach, ideation and a ‘do’ not ‘think’ mindset.

They will be people, results and delivery oriented; hands-on and possess the ability to create a sense of mission and attentiveness to current and future requirements and challenges.

They should embrace, and be able to demonstrate the organisation’s Core Values:

  • Courage
  • Balance
  • Empathy
  • Openness

Skills Required:

  • Solid systems implementation/project management experience with evidence of end to end delivery 
  • Technical aptitude, preferably with strong understanding of IVR & WFM systems.
  • Exposure to/undertsanding of PSA (Professional Services Automation) & RMM (Remote Monitoring Management) solutions
  • Ability to juggle priorities, multi-task and flawlessly execute at speed
  • Ability to demonstrate stakeholder engagement, communication and presentation skills, with solid and influential personal credibility 
  • Demonstrable record of managing projects effectively and delivering within time & budget constraints 
  • Analysis, creativity and innovation – able to conceive original and practical solutions to complex and business critical problems. 
  • Knowledge of techniques used for planning, monitoring and controlling installations, development of roadmaps and symbiotic resource forecast. 
  • Strong interpersonal, management, leadership and communication skills – Including written, oral and presenting.

Essential Experience and Technical Qualifications 

  • At least 3 years’ experience of systems project delivery
  • Demonstrated ability to analyse large quantities of data to extract business critical intelligence
  • Clear understanding of forecasting methodologies including application of regression analysis and time series modelling.
  • Experienced in procuring and successfully implementing linked IVR and WFM systems to deliver business objectives
  • Operational/Back-Office optimisation controls (Min/Max/Optimum)
  • Forecast/schedule project design to handle inbound contact and lead into new ways of working with WFM
  • Successful collaboration with change teams to understand/refine project requirements and programme schedule

Desirable Experience

  • Experienced in multiple WFM systems including Injixo
  • Knowledge of CRM, ERP, PSA and RMM software and markets
  • VBA for Access & Excel
  • SQL Reporting
  • Experience of using relational databases, preferably using Access & SQL Server

Competencies and Behaviours  

  • Leadership Success Factors (Strategic thinking, learning agility, aspiration, resilience, EQ)
  • Translates Strategic Direction into impactful realistic operating plans and models – Develops deep and broad understanding of business and market and leverages to define compelling plans for future
  • Builds Organisational Alignment – aligns and mobilises resources to deliver results/is organisationally savvy and leverages enterprise relationships and capabilities to deliver on transformation
  • Influences with Impact
  • Manages operational initiatives and delivers error free quality processes
  • Manage through change and demonstrates sound judgment with speed
  • Optimises the Balance between Risk and Reward – Explicitly and visibly manages risk and reward tradeoffs.  Delivers on best outcomes for consumers and businesses, clients and stakeholders protecting business reputation 
  • Applies Critical Thinking
  • Applies Operational and Planning Expertise
  • Contracts with Leaders/Business Partners and builds partnerships to achieve swift adoption
  • Models and Reinforces our Company Values

The appointee will constantly strive for excellence and demonstrate personal drive and resilience, with a mature and experienced approach to both growth, and set-backs. They will be obviously self-motivated & able to work on own initiative whilst putting team and company needs before own and possess the ability to think flexibly and laterally.

They will be a model team player, as both leader and member, working with, and where necessary, challenging the others for the common good and future performance of the group. Crucially, they will have flexibility and a capacity to adapt to the changing demands of the job.

The successful candidate will have entrepreneurial ability and desire, and be hugely excited by a very high paced environment, thick with USPs – their operational leadership strength will be underpinned by a real “Just Do It” attitude, and a sense of humour.

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