Non-Exec CCO

Investment Group
Northern England
£1-2,000/day NED daily rate. Equity/Investment options.

This is an outstanding opportunity to join one of the region’s most exciting young investment groups. Already able to boast a reputation for class defining returns as well as market leading, innovative products they are fast becoming a go to partner for the largest funds in the UK, as well as a long-standing choice for private investors.

Positioned in this highly regulated sector, they have built a strong reputation for high integrity, exceptional professionalism, but with an immensely human face, underpinned by highly principled humility and passion for what they do.

Replicating that human-focus internally, they have created an upbeat, friendly, innovative, and fast-paced environment with, crucially, market-leading opportunity for advancement. The result of which is extremely low staff turnover rates and a highly energised company culture.

They have consistently grown well ahead of their competitors and are primed for continued growth and enduring success.

This is an energised and entrepreneurial culture, in which every employee works diligently to foster. They are an opportunistic growth company that delivers long-term prosperity to allemployees. Opportunities are as impressive as the returns they get on their invested funds; and as unlimited as any employees’ aspirations and hunger.

Combining the above with leadership that has distinguished itself from competitors with quality product offerings and genuine customer service, they have employed robust operating systems but still employ gut-feel and common sense to make key decisions. This is still a truly entrepreneurial environment, ripe with opportunity and seeing significant accelerated interest from ever larger funds from private/HNWI through to leading institutions and Pension Funds.

As a proudly northern-based business, they have significant USPs in the community both in their high-performing, comparatively unique fixed-return product suite, but also in the style of their business where innovation and energy is rife, and life isn’t taken seriously – unlike the business’s performance.

A key element to that growth, development and marketing positioning is the appointment of a highly respected Non-Executive Director.

This NED will work closely with the CEO and Chairman, and represents an outstanding and extremely interesting (to say nothing of rewarding) opportunity to not only take an influential role in this exciting Investment Group, but one that offers the chance to be instrumental in their commercial growth and ability to attract blue-chip funds, as well performing a critical, influential role in the operations, processes and procedures as the Group continues to develop.

The appointee will take an active part on the board, where they will influence and guide the business in all its operations and opportunities, but their greatest influence will be their knowledge of the London – City & West End investment market. Their contact base will be significant, as will the name they have within the London investment community.

This NED will add London-centric knowledge and gravitas to the business’s exposure, complimenting the fund-raising they have already experienced from some of the largest funds in the industry and track-record they are continuing to rapidly build; but this is a very hungry business, led by a charismatic and highly energetic young CEO focused, determined on further developing their business, their funds held and their place in the sector.

The NED will be one of the most influential people, and personalities within and outside of the business. The mention of the name will be met with a nod of heads and immediate credibility within the investment community. It will be immediately obvious to all, internally and externally, why the individual has been appointed as NED. They will possess the gravitas to impress at first hand-shake, regardless of whose hand they shake.  Whilst this business has a strong reputation within the market, their youth and Northern location gives them the potential of seeing exponential growth in that reputation, and exposure. The appointee will be a key element in that, and will be rewarded accordingly.

The appointee will sit with a strong investment management/fund management background, and above that, demonstrable presence within the broader financial market. They will have significant and substantive exposure to the London investment community, and have the ability to bring contacts and introductions, aid the credibility on first glance andthrough investigation/Due-Diligence processes as well as bringing specific tangible benefits to commercial strategies & processes and operational procedures. Critical to the appointee’s success will be their ability to work with, respect and build a close working relationship with the existing executive leadership team.

Whilst they could currently be in an executive position, it is more likely the better options will have their executive career behind them, now sitting without conflict of interest or time. The strength and achievements within their career (exec and/or non-exec) will have brought them to the position of being ideally placed to take on a position of influence, credibility and adding value at every level – but beyond that, taking on such an influential role within this exciting, innovative entrepreneurial investment group will bring excitement for them.

Key attributes:

  • Significant knowledge of, and experience within the London institutional investment market.
  • A strong network of influential and beneficial contacts within the London market, and beyond.
  • Track record of attracting institutional funds.
  • Ability and credibility to streamline due diligence processes.
  • Assisting, and leading where necessary, the development of business growth opportunities and wider strategic initiatives, including the identification and delivery of eminence-building activities, including seminars/client events etc

 Other attributes desirable, but not essential:

  • Providing an industry perspective on matters relating to pricing, costs and management of funds
  • Keeping abreast of regulatory developments, ensuring policies are in kept line with recent and anticipated regulatory changes
  • Providing constructive challenge to the policies, proposals and plans
  • Contributing to the quality of board debate providing challenge and intellectual analysis
  • Giving counsel, advice and support to the chief executive and executive team
  • Assisting where relevant to promoting the highest standards of corporate governance and regulatory compliance

 Person Spec:

  • Previous experience as a NED desirable.
  • Demonstrable ability to contribute to broad strategic debate at the board as an independent non-executive.
  • Possess the intellectual firepower, strategic thinking, energy and enthusiasm to contribute to future strategic growth.
  • Gravitas and credibility to interact effectively with all manner of stakeholders and target organisations/individuals
  • Energetic and enthusiastic, with a real interest in adding value
  • Strong analytical skills, and an ability to assess information quickly, objectively and accurately
  • Effective relationship building and communication skills; an articulate, personable, enthusiastic manner
  • Supportive to the CEO and board, but with the confidence to challenge and question appropriately
  • Independence of judgement and an enquiring mind.

Please contact Gary Chaplin for further details


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