Corporate Recruitment Advice

Recruitment is never easy, especially at senior management grades. Our unparalleled network of contacts built up over 20 years together with our unique skill in assessing chemistry fit between exec and business, leaves us in an unbeatable position to know, and find, key individuals for all manner of businesses.

So strong is our ability to deliver, we are happy to commit to a specific delivery timescale of as little as 8 weeks, against an industry average of 24 weeks (backed by a 100% cash-refund), and furthermore offer a genuine Unique Selling Point: Offering a 12 month guarantee on placements; Our attitude being that a search fee is based on a year’s salary, therefore it should be underwritten for as long – accordingly we offer a 12 month free-replacement on placements.

Having specialised in C-Level senior appointments for over a decade, our network of contacts, experience in designing methodologies, completing against set briefs and understanding the chemistry fit gives us an unrivalled position in the North. We have successfully completed on HR, Sales, General Management, Finance, Procurement, Operational and Non-Exec mandates.

Do It Yourself?

With so many businesses now having the ability to exploit their own networks of contacts to attract key talent, the temptation to resource that way is huge. But without correct planning and structure, the chances of success are slim – and the chances of damaging your brand are great.

We offer a range of board advisory consultancy services (free for clients) to advise on C-Level/Senior Management talent acquisition, recruitment process design, interview structure, executive remuneration guidance and succession planning as well as formal personality & behavioural profiling using the latest TTI assessments.

Whether it is simple interview structure or recruitment strategy advice or full campaign design, we can provide the guidance to ensure success.

It’s all about People.

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