Manchester: The True Second City

I’m a Yorkshireman. For those that don’t understand the War of the Roses and the 600 years of subsequent ‘discussion’, it puts in to context the magnitude of what I am about to say. Manchester is kicking a*se. I may be currently heading south away from Manchester at c120mph courtesy of Richard Branson, with my […]

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Be Serious.

For weeks on end, for almost 10 years, millions of TV viewers have watched Simon Cowell publicly berate dozens and dozens of people, all with a quest to exploit their talent in the name of success. Many people proudly stride onto the X-Factor stage, convinced their talent is world class only to be ripped to shreds and tossed on […]

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Charity Award Win – The Presentation

  Last night, I was announced as the winner of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Many Hands award in recognition of last September’s Charity Bike Ride. Details of the ride itself can be found HERE Getting recognition for your efforts is always welcome, but this was particularly emotive: The Charity and the Children’s Hospital as […]

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