Boardroom clear-outs. A new epidemic? Investors become Dons.

Tom Hagen was removed as Consigliere by Don Michael Corleone, replaced by Michael’s father, the former Don, Vito, soon after Michael assumed the lead of the ‘family business’. “You’re not a wartime Consigliere Tom” was Don Corleone’s reason to his adopted brother. Godfather analogies are rife through business leadership & advice, from “Go to the […]

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The one with Recruitment and a Coronavirus

***April Update below*** Welcome to the post-apocalyptic recruitment market. Just two weeks after writing about how having No Office was deemed a greater attraction, and greater modern indicator of success than having a Hollywood-esque swanky Corner Office, we’re all being encouraged to work from home. Adopting this new thing called ‘social distancing’. The Covid-19 Coronavirus […]

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