What happened to the ‘Job For Life’?

It’s my wedding anniversary today; four years, no time at all in the halls of marriage….. but in career terms, four years is now a well above average tenure. What happened to the ‘job for life’? Times move on, businesses move on and careers have certainly moved on. The average (median) tenure for people’s current jobs […]

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Be Serious.

For weeks on end, for almost 10 years, millions of TV viewers have watched Simon Cowell publicly berate dozens and dozens of people, all with a quest to exploit their talent in the name of success. Many people proudly stride onto the X-Factor stage, convinced their talent is world class only to be ripped to shreds and tossed on […]

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Turning 40

I turn 40 today. I would be lying if I dismissed it as ‘just a number’. It has been a milestone that has been on my mind for some time, but a source of positive reflection rather than mortal dread. Mostly. I vividly remember my father’s 40th birthday. I was 11 yrs old and 40 seemed […]

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