First Impressions. 13 tips & why you should look at your feet when meeting someone.

“You have less than 30 seconds to make a first impression”. An old adage that everyone got taught as soon as they were expected to make an impression. Is it right? Or is it 7 seconds like my old school careers guidance counselor repeatedly repeated? (whilst wearing hush-puppies and a corduroy jacket with at least 20 […]

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Things we learn from Men in Lycra

I was lucky enough to be a special guest of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity at yesterday’s Great Manchester Cycle Ride in recognition for the Charity Bike Ride I did last year, and as their reigning Many Hands Award Winner. The ride was made up of 4 laps of a 13 mile circuit around the […]

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Charity Award Win – The Presentation

  Last night, I was announced as the winner of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Many Hands award in recognition of last September’s Charity Bike Ride. Details of the ride itself can be found HERE Getting recognition for your efforts is always welcome, but this was particularly emotive: The Charity and the Children’s Hospital as […]

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