The Big Charity Drive – RMCH

Every year, I do something a little crazy for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity. In the past it’s been White Collar Boxing or any number of Charity Bike Rides.

Gary ChaplinThis year is no different, except it is different. I’m taking part in the Big Charity Drive – an ambitious 1000 mile drive to the South of France….in cars costing no more than £500. We set off on Monday 20th October 2014 – the aim is to cover the 1000 miles in less than 2 days….then auction the cars off for the Charity

The Charity is very close to my heart – These amazing nurses saved my daughter’s life when she was born, 6 weeks prematurely. I can never do enough to thank them. I was honoured to be made an ambassador for the Charity earlier this year.

Back to the ride….. Yes I’m mad….. I (along with my Co-Driver ‘FatherAnthony) are Gary Chaplindriving a 150,000 mile, 15 year old red MX-5 for 1000 miles. The car has not done more than 50 miles for more than 5 years.
Gary Chaplin
My 1000 mile drive is made all the more interesting as my Co-Driver & I will be dressed as priests, in a fully liveried red sports car, mimicking the Cannonball Run’s Dean Martin/Sammy Davis Jnr characters. (see here if you are too young to remember: Gary ChaplinAccordingly, the organisers have put our chances of being stopped by the police as near certain.

Our chances of outright success are minimal, but the cause is amazing ….
…and “God is our co-pilot”!


Thank you. God Bless.

Father’ Gary Chaplin

Update. We did it.

….Almost. A great adventure. Pictures speak a thousand words:

A2F71705-5F1E-433F-B6E4-A0902FC3ECAC 2CA0F6774-E138-4D3B-A80F-170242581E374B57F0D0-4734-447B-9F97-FE097492EF57B52C007B-B9B9-4C12-B08F-7DD7935770510D00DE94-D768-43CB-8E5E-3E3D77FDEEF2

But just after this happened:
THIS happened:

Last rites were performed. RIP little red Mazda. God Bless you on your journey to the immortal scrap yard in the sky.



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