“God of Thunder” Workout

Gary Chaplin BoxingAfter the beast of a White Collar Boxing Training plan I put myself through, the determination was there to hit the new year even harder. I foolishly designed this late one evening after a lot of red meat and what was probably one too many drinks…. but here we go.

It is four superset workouts in one go, majoring on power exercises to maximise impact, maximise strength, maximise testosterone; maximise quality muscle development…

TRX Push-Ups

TRX Push-Ups

Starts with TRX exercises (straps hanging from overhead bar allowing anti-gravity, body-weight training that permanently train your core as well as other muscle groups).

Then moves onto the main 2 supersets. These are an adapted version of the workout designed by renowned trainer, Jamie Sawyer for Chris Hemsworth, for his lead part in the movie, THOR;Thor God of ThunderGod of Thunder”. The two parts were supposed to be done on separate days….but I’ve put them together.

Finishes with a five exercise abdominal/core routine.

The workout:

TRX Set (3 supersets, no rest)

  1. Single Leg Squats (12 each leg) – one legged squats, other leg extended horizontally
  2. Y-Fly (12 reps) – stand in crucifix position holding TRX strap in each hand, lower backwards, arms straight, then pull back up
  3. Atomic Pike (12 reps)  – feet in TRX strap off the group, keep legs straight, perform pike as high as possible)
  4. One hand powerpull (12 each arm) – One arm body weight rows, other arm ‘punches’ causing 180 degree twist
  5. Push Ups (12 reps) – Press-ups but with hands in TRX strap.

THOR I (3 supersets, no rest)

  1. Side to Side Chin ups (8 each side) – Chin ups but taking chin to right hand, then chin to left hand
  2. Cable CrossOvers (12 reps) – med/heavy weight, shoulder height straight crossovers
  3. 45sec, 10% incline sprint – 75% of max sprint (16-18km/h), 10% gradient.
  4. Medicine Ball Wall Throws (12 each side) – twist body through 180 degrees, throw 8kg ball at wall, catch, repeat
  5. Cable Wood Chops (12 each side) – Overhead cable, twist down rotating 180 degrees, in wood chop movement
  6. Farmers Walk (2x30m) – heavy dumbbells (25-30kg) in each hand, walk for 30m, turn, walk back

THOR II (3 supersets, no rest)

  1. Power Lifts (12 reps) – clean and jerk movement with 30kg barbell
  2. Lateral Holds (30 secs) – hold 2x5kg dumbells at shoulder height, arms stretched
  3. Rowing 20sec interval (4 mins) – 20 secs max, 10 secs rest. Continue for 4 mins.
  4. Barbell Punch Press (12 each arm) – Olympic bar with 20kg on end, anchored on other. Punch holding weight end.
  5. Medicine Balls Slams (12 reps) – 8kg Medicine Ball, slam into ground, catch rebound, repeat.
  6. Weight Plat Circles (12 each direction) – 15kg plate, circle around head with plate vertical at all times.

Ab/Core Strength Set (3 supersets, no rest)

  1. Ab Cable Curl (12 reps) – over head rope held by ears, crunch as far a possible
  2. Dragon Flag (12 reps) – Lay on bench, hold above head, raise to headstand, then lower down. Repeat
  3. Barbell Sit Up (12 reps) – Lay on bench as if chest pressing with barbell, sit-up keeping bar above head
  4. Side Bends (20 each side) – Hold 16kg kettlebell in one hand, other on head. Bend as far as possible.
  5. Plate Twists (1 min) – Hold 5kg plate in both hands, twist to touch plate on the floor on both sides.

The above took 90 minutes the first time I did it, 2 weeks in and it is now down to 75 minutes non-stop. It’s tough.

I do above every other day.  On the between days I do a triple set chest workout (3x Flat, 3x Decline, 3x Incline), 16 minutes of sprint interval training followed by 3x 2 minute rounds of heavy boxing on a punchbag.

Try it, don’t forget to stretch afterwards, especially your abdominals.

Enjoy….and give me your feedback below!



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