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We feel your pain. You didn’t get the President many of you wanted. You didn’t get the President most of us wanted you to get. But as President Obama predicted, the sun still rose on Wednesday. It rose again yesterday and today. It will rise again tomorrow.

We now see protests, complaints and anger. Don’t waste your energy. Don’t get sucked in. This isn’t the America we know. You’ve always been the country with the “Hell Yeah” message, “We can ****ing do this” stance and JFDI attitude. The world has secretly admired that. Please find that again.

Zig Ziglar spoke of “It’s not the height of the fall, it’s the height of the bounceback that counts”. Bounceback! Regain your party from the Establishment; Regain your country from those who listened to your countrymen’s dissent by listening harder. Fight the disrupter with disruption; Fight with active, positive disruption. Obama fought his detractors with charm, charisma and accessibility. Learn from his popularity. Ignore the media, the pollsters. Listen to your hearts. Fight in a way that it will be listened.

Make sure your congressman fights like Republican congressmen have fought duringTrump.Obama Obama’s tenure. Hold Trump true to his election victory speech. Make him a President for all people. Ignore what he spouted during the nastiest election campaign of all time (on both sides). Like it or not, he is your President. Judge him on his actions. Hold him to account on his actions. Use your energy in that direction. Don’t feed the beast. A controversial animal will only get stronger.

Don’t be shocked and stupefied. Realise that your country’s dissent was real. Send the message to the Establishment, and all political Establishments around the world that the people want a voice; their voice. Realise that all people want their voice, not just those on the left-hand side of politics. Political Correctness is Political more than Correct. Out-Trump Trump.

You’ve trumped our Brexit. And yet, our Brexit hasn’t crushed even us. Our markets fell, then bounced-back. Trump’s election victory barely registered on global markets, no panic, no freefall, just a momentary flicker. The strength of your country was seen as too great. Use that strength. Don’t make the aftershock worse than the quake.

The British public voted for Brexit. Many of us were unhappy with the outcome. Some of us have accepted it and are now hell-bent on making the best job possible of that position. Meanwhile our politicians and a much of our ‘whinge-fest’ media are trying to find ways to block, inhibit, delay, discredit and confuse the will of the people. Don’t be like them.

img_1109We have just returned from 10 days in the US; Chicago and the North Shore. Possibly our best trip ever. The weather helped, as did the Cubs’ World Series win (#GoCubsGo), but the optimism, the positive atmosphere and the overall energy made our trip superb. A true and real American welcome from the City to the family-led neighbourhoods. US strength, power Gary Chaplin Chicagoand positivity is attractive and infectious. Don’t let one man kill it and force you to direct that energy to the wrong side of positivity and optimism.

I hired a road bike (thanks Rapha Cycle Club!) and got to see the city from the saddle. The guys I rode with were predominantly businessmen, being img_0668Chicago, they were also predominantly democrats. The energy they had was infectious, the love for their city and the country was immense, even the naturalized Brits amongst them. They saw the risks of the Clinton campaign, the vote for the unloved Establishment that she not only stood for, but was surrounded by. Even they felt disenfranchised. They’d never have voted for Trump, but their voting decision was made because of him, not because of her. They all wanted change. They all wanted to embrace and accept change; and capitalize on that change making it an opportunity not a threat. I don’t doubt they all will.

img_0956America you have an amazing country. We, the British, and so much of the World has much to learn from you. Your passion is unparalleled and to can-do/will-do attitude an example to us all. We saw the Cubs win the World Series whilst we were there. We saw the celebration, an open top bus parade much like our football teams receive. Manchester United got img_1050100,000 people lining their route the last time they won. The Cubs got 5 million. Their parade and party in Grant Park is now the 7th largest human gathering of all time. Not only was that passion and energy as infectious as it was amazing, it passed off without trouble, without fighting, without drunken disorder and within 2 hours, the entire city was back to Friday afternoon normal.

Your country is still a magnet for the world. Our trip to Chicago was in part to scope out an office opening out there. I wavered for 12 hours after the vote, but then saw the interest in our two current/impeding US roles spike upward, and a brief for a third role. All of these roles have had more interest in the past 24 hours than in the 7 days prior to the election, and more interest since the election than any other role we are handling.

Our US Roles:

VP – US Operations

Business Director – North America

Managing Director (US)
Marketing Agency

In the UK today we have Armistice Day; Remembrance Day. You have Veterans Day. On this day, we all remember those that risked and gave their today for our tomorrow. We need to remember what they fought for and not let a blip on the political timeline affect history aft and forward. Use your today in the best way possible to ensure the tomorrow we want for our children.

As Martin Luther King spoke (and President Barack Obama reiterated frequently)….”The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”