Happy New Year!

Happy New Year - Gary Chaplin

New job in your life or new talent in your business, the New Year is a great time to reflect on the old year and make plans for the new.

2012 saw me set up in business, and end the year not only profitable but in better position that the year started and in a position to work more flexibly and more commercially.
It saw me win Charity Awards for Cycling and gain bruises for Charity Boxing.
It saw the recruitment market get more difficult, and then get easier.
It saw some amazing talent start to stick their toe in the market.
It saw Business Confidence all but disappear, then return.
…and it saw some great opportunities, especially in the fourth quarter.

2013 looks to build on all of those aspects (except perhaps the bruises….!)
Business that already has great momentum
More crazy Charity plans
And with opportunities like these, others are going to have a great year too:

And possibly the most exciting, opportunities. Two junior roles for future business leaders: ‘First rung on the corporate ladderGeneral Manager[MD Designate] and excellent CEO MBA Exec Assistant.

Whether you are determined to shake your own career up by looking for a new opportunity, or shake your business up be looking at new talent; 2013 is set to be a great year for those who seize opportunities.

CV Writing Tips Here. Corporate Recruitment Advice Here

All it takes is action. “If you can’t, you must; if you must, you can |- Tony Robbins

Make 2013 count.

Happy New Year!

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